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Brands like Sony, Apple, Uber, and Nike spend millions on social media advertising and outreach in an effort to keep them highly regarded. But our connected consumer world has another consequence: when consumers aren’t happy, they’re not silent.

Recently, product review site Rave assessed the brand landscape and reviewed over a million Tweets mentioning some of the world’s most popular brands. Using the percentage of negative mentions as a guide, they developed a map of the most hated or at least the most criticized brands in the world.

Globally, Sony appears to have gotten the most vitriol, with the highest percentage of negative Tweets in 10 countries. The world’s entertainment and tech powerhouse has recently experienced a series of public relations disasters. In June 2020, Sony Europe was ordered by an Australian court to pay $ 3.5 million in penalties after falsely informing consumers that they were not entitled to reimbursement for video games for defective PlayStation games. The launch of the PlayStation 5 in late 2020 was also greeted with frustration by fans who were unable to locate one of the few consoles; supply shortages have resulted in unprecedented demand.

Car maker Tesla comes in second with seven countries. In June 2020, the JD Power car monitoring service claimed that Tesla owners reported more problems in the first 90 days of ownership than any of the 31 major American car brands, including paint problems, covers that do not open or close properly and strange noises. . In April 2021, the company formally apologized to customers in China after drivers alleged that the company failed to address complaints about the brake systems in a timely manner.

Paypal and Uber drew the most complaints in five countries; Uber has managed to be the most hated brand in the US and UK.

Speaking of the United States:

While Uber ranks first in grievances, LEGO is a surprising competitor in six states, likely due to an overload of Tweets about missing parts or the sometimes exorbitant cost of sets. The automakers Toyota and Ford have also attracted opponents. The state of Indiana appears to be having issues with Red Bull energy drinks.

For cards on the highly unpopular games, fast food, and big tech brands, head over to Rave.

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