The Root Brands collaborates on third-party testing of nutraceuticals

August 9, 2022

New collaboration with the International Science Nutrition Society will see ISNS conduct third-party testing and product case studies internationally for the supplement brand

The Root Brands has partnered with the International Science Nutrition Society (ISNS) to perform third-party testing and collaborations with scientists, physicians, researchers, hospitals and companies in the science and nutrition field . Focus on education and research in the areas of environment, health, wellness, medicine, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, nutrition, biotechnology, plant science and ecology.

ISNS acquires and shares knowledge while providing emotional, mental and spiritual expertise through a mind, body, spirit and soul approach platform. ISNS is comprised of world-renowned physicians, healthcare professionals, and researchers with extensive experience in the science, nutrition, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical industries.

It is important to ISNS founder Dr. Christina Rahm, mother of four, that ISNS offers memberships to anyone interested in science and nutrition. Dr Rahm said: “Every loving, caring mother and father can be scientists and nutrition experts. They must be to care for their families. Nothing makes individuals want to learn more than learning. “trying to help others by improving their health. ISNS welcomes all who are dedicated to this endeavor of bettering themselves and others.”

I’ve partnered with ISNS to get third-party testing and product case studies internationally

This community was created on the principle that the science behind nutrition is often backtracked to solving problems without solving the root cause of the problem.

ISNS is an evidence-based company where science is integrated into all areas of health and wellness. Members have access to the latest research and case studies in these areas. ISNS also offers research and grant opportunities with an extensive library of resources on natural ingredients, minerals, vitamins, and botanicals. The Root Brands has partnered with ISNS for case studies, scientific advice, research and education. Root founder Clayton Thomas added. “I have partnered with ISNS to obtain third-party testing and product case studies internationally. Due to ISNS’s global reach, they have been able to do a lot of product work that will be beneficial to consumers around the world.”

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ISNS is a members-only community, encompassing medical professionals, students, mothers, scholars, healthcare providers, scientists and researchers from around the world. There are three levels of membership: Basic, Associate and Professional.


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