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EVESHAM – Virtua Health, South Jersey’s largest healthcare system, is ranked among the nation’s top healthcare system brands in a recent report.

The ratings are derived from extensive research conducted by Monigle, a leading creative experience company, the American Hospital Association, and the Society for Health Care Strategy & Market Development.

Now in its fourth year, the in-depth study, titled “Humanizing Brand Experience,” examines how people think about and engage with healthcare and how healthcare systems create the best experiences to meet the needs of consumers. Based on feedback from over 30,000 people across the country, Johns Hopkins Medicine has been ranked as the leading healthcare brand. In New Jersey, Virtua Health was ranked first among all other health systems in the state and 75th overall.

Chrisie Scott, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at Virtua Health, says her research is less about rankings and more about her understanding of how to connect with the people her healthcare system serves.

“Brands aim to build trusting relationships with their audiences, and healthcare is a very personal relationship choice,” she says. “Understanding these emotional motivations of consumers and what matters most to each individual is at the heart of the Virtua brand, which we position in our market as ‘Here for Good’. “

Scott adds that at the exit of last year, all healthcare organizations must be recognized for having come forward with incredible humanity amid unimaginable challenges.

“There’s this balance that we strive to create for our brand between ‘we-always-do-it-so-‘ and ‘we-do-it-this-way-especially-for-you. It is this blend of consistency and personalization that makes each person feel particularly cared for.

National research provides in-depth information on how people think about health care, the emotions they feel, and how they make decisions. It gives healthcare organizations a model of how they can meet very real healthcare needs in a way that connects with people on a human level.

Organizations thrive when they truly understand these behaviors and build trust through consistent performance and experience. Research opens up this framework and lists the organizations that do it best.

“The objectives of hospitalized patients [care] delivery and objectives of [patient] the experience and the marketing teams are perfectly aligned, ”the report states.

“Our new brand is only two years old, but we’ve built on the rich history of two legacy organizations to connect with people; and timing has never been more important than it has been throughout the pandemic, ”said Dennis W. Pullin, FACHE, President and CEO of Virtua Health.

“People rely more than ever on their local health systems,” Pullin adds. “Not only for treatment, but for objective information, advice and to serve as a true partner and trusted ally. This ranking, while only a snapshot, shows that we make meaningful connections with those we serve. “

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