Lawyer creates non-profit organization to supply prescription drugs in Ukraine

Florida lawyer’s new effort to provide medical supplies to residents, growing refugee population

OCALA, Florida., June 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Lawyer Bruce Kaster creates a new non-profit organization to help raise funds for a charity in Odessa, Ukraine. Mr. Kaster has recently witnessed firsthand the dire plight of the people living there, the growing number of refugees fleeing fighting in other parts of the country, and an organization working tirelessly with limited resources to help them. .

Mr. Kaster’s family has strong ties to the small German town of Kaster, which shares his family’s surname. He goes there every year to help with projects to preserve the city’s architecture and cultural heritage, and the idea for this new initiative was born from the connections he made during his visits.

“Many of us wondered how we could do something worthwhile to help the Ukrainian people who are suffering and who are being attacked by Russia“, Mr. Kaster said. “Recently, my wife Sue and I raised this issue with our good friends Stefan and Doris Gundlach who live in Kaster.”

Stefan Gundlach was preparing a diplomatic mission at the German Embassy in Kyivbut the war temporarily closed all foreign embassies Ukraine, so he and his wife organized a private rescue operation. Mr. Kaster decided this was the perfect opportunity to help.

Of Germanyhe flew to Moldovacrossed the border and went to Odessawhich lies on the Black Sea in the southern part of Ukraine. A former army paratrooper, Mr. Kaster recalled his experience in Vietnam, seeing people struggling to go about their daily lives while facing the looming threat of war. Two Russian missiles hit the city during his visit.

Whereas in OdessaMr. Kaster met the staff of “Your City”, a Ukrainenon-profit organization working tirelessly to distribute a wide range of medicines and other basic necessities to residents and refugees – made up mainly of women and children. Many Ukrainian women have to take medication daily to counter exposure to radiation from the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown that occurred in 1986. “Your City” provides these medications free of charge. Mr. Kaster created the nonprofit Ukraine Relief Fund Inc. to raise money for the effort.

For more information and ways you can donate, contact Bruce Kaster Where Jessica Ruiz at Kaster, Lynch, Farrar & Ball, 352-622-1600 or by cell 352-895-8596.

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