How Amazon and Walmart Ecommerce Compare


When it comes to e-commerce, 75% of US consumers have recently purchased from Amazon, compared to 43% who made purchases from in the third quarter of this year. More than half (63%) of consumers begin their search for a product online on Amazon rather than (43%), with Amazon’s favorite categories including electronics, books and Clothes.

Additionally, more consumers in the survey had Amazon Prime subscriptions (57%) than Walmart Plus subscriptions (31%). Despite Amazon’s e-commerce dominance, Walmart’s online sales are up 11.98% from last year, while Amazon’s sales are down 4.61%. Jungle Scout reports that Amazon has 2.5 billion average monthly visitors, while Walmart sees 429 million average monthly visitors.

With inflation continuing to impact consumers, Walmart remains a go-to retailer for groceries and other necessities, such as medications and cleaning supplies. More than half (56%) of consumers turn to Walmart for their groceries, compared to 15% who prefer buying from Amazon. 43% of consumers say product prices are the main reason they buy from Walmart rather than Amazon, followed by product familiarity. A large majority (71%) of consumers are more likely to make small purchases ($0-99) on, compared to 66% on Amazon.

The full Jungle Scout report can be found here.

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