Fig, the Food as Medicine company, calls on food manufacturers to list #EveryIngredient


The Fig team presents a petition and pledges to finally bring greater ingredient transparency and accountability to the food industry

SAN DIEGO, June 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The team behind Fig, the most comprehensive food detection and sensing app available, has launched a pledge and petition calling on food manufacturers to list #EveryIngredient on their product labels. The Fig team is on a mission to make everyday life easier for the approximately 100 million people in America with food allergies and other dietary restrictions. Ingredient transparency is a critical step.

Currently, more than 50% of food products on grocery store shelves contain at least one vague ingredient such as “natural flavors”, “spices” and “food starch”. To the untrained eye, an ingredient like “natural flavors” looks good. But those two words can hide thousands of ingredients, ranging from additives to animal by-products, that can cause wasted hours contacting brands, or worse, life-threatening reactions.

The long-needed #EveryIngredient movement calls on food manufacturers to tell consumers every ingredient in their products, ideally printed on the label, and at the very least when contacted. There is also a consumer petition to inspire those affected to sign, share and galvanize support around the movement and its fundamental but necessary demands.

That’s it.® and Gourmend Foods, two brands at the forefront of the ingredient transparency movement, have already shown their commitment to consumers by being the first to sign the pledge.

“We didn’t shy away from becoming one of the first food brands to sign the #EveryIngredient Pledge with Fig,” said Dr. Lior Lewensztain, Founder and CEO of That’s it.® “Consumers deserve transparency with the ingredients they put into their bodies, and we applaud Fig for demanding that food manufacturers stop hiding behind vague terms and unclear ingredient lists.”

The Fig team, a group of people with their own dietary restrictions, were inspired to create a platform to help millions of other people like them easily scan, buy and search the world of food, no matter what. be their dietary needs. In doing so, they are starting a movement to normalize discussions about dietary restrictions and bring about real change at all levels.

“We’re thrilled to help over 180,000 people like us with dietary restrictions find foods they can eat,” said Tyler Scheviak of the Fig team. “But Fig is only useful and accurate if food manufacturers are transparent. That’s why we’re asking industry to tell consumers about every ingredient in their products. There’s too much at stake to nothing less than the whole truth.”

Manufacturers can sign the pledge to Consumers can sign the petition at

Learn more about the fig at

About the fig

Fig is a venture-backed technology company created by a group of people with dietary restrictions who are passionate about helping everyone live their best life through food.

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