E-commerce brands can launch prescription product offerings in two weeks or less with new Locke Bio platform

Enhanced infrastructure capabilities allow e-commerce brands to integrate prescription products more seamlessly than ever before

TORONTO, June 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Locke Organic, a digital health platform company, today announced enhancements to its infrastructure capabilities that will support e-commerce brands that sell pharmaceutical drugs. The all-in-one white-label platform can integrate businesses with Locke Organic our partners’ integrated network of fully licensed physicians and pharmacies, plus seamless capabilities to process, pack and ship, dispense and compound medications, and more in as little as two weeks – a process that can usually take months or even years.

“Breaking into the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry presents a tremendous opportunity for e-commerce brands to grow revenue and increase profit margins. Prescription drugs are also incredibly ‘sticky’, meaning that e-commerce brands that offer prescription products will benefit from longer relationships with customers,” said Cathy Tie, Founder of Locke Organic. “Particularly in today’s health-conscious market, telemedicine and telepharmacy products are on the rise 38 times in the wake of the pandemic and our solution makes this quick and seamless transition to prescription drugs quick and easy for e-commerce brands.”

This first-of-its-kind solution creates fully personalized end-to-end digital storefronts, including telehealth visits, payment processing, and customizable admissions modules, while adhering to strict HIPAA regulations and industry standards . Customers have access to Locke Organic comprehensive network of licensed physicians and pharmacies from our partners, available in all 50 US states.

As part of the upsell buying experience, Locke Organic can also integrate over-the-counter (OTC) products alongside prescription products in the same workflow. This is possible for e-commerce brands incorporating prescription products, for pharmaceutical companies looking to add over-the-counter products to their portfolios, or for drug manufacturers that cater directly to consumers.

Brands have already started taking advantage of Locke Bio’s improved features. For example, Tie commented, “We recently helped a skincare dermatology client create an asynchronous direct-to-consumer brand to sell prescription products across United States. Within weeks, they were connected to Locke Bio’s network of pharmacies and suppliers, and were able to begin distributing prescription dermatological products to their patients. In addition to dermatology, we have also supported clients in wellness, men’s health and other industry verticals.”

“Given the strict industry regulations, integrating pharmaceutical products on your platform is usually a very complicated process. E-commerce brands can rely on Locke Bio’s expertise to make these integrations faster, less expensive and less complex,” Tie said. “Additionally, manufacturing companies, or anyone wishing to offset inflation, can benefit from better control over their costs, as well as higher margins, by going direct to the consumer.”

About Locke Organic

Locke Organic is a digital health platform company dedicated to helping any business launch a fully integrated branded telehealth service that includes personalized patient onboarding and onboarding, personalized telemedicine consultations, EMR, e-commerce payments , advanced marketing analytics and a North American network of suppliers and pharmacies. Now, direct-to-consumer prescription brands can be brought to market without the expensive, time-consuming and expensive work of reinventing the wheel.

Visit http://www.lockebio.com to request a demo.

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