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Smartwatches are one of the most mature smart wearable devices. Over the years, smartwatches have evolved to focus on the role of biometrics in health applications and have become an important gadget for remote health monitoring during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a result, the usability of smart watches has increased significantly, which has boosted the growth of its market. This report examines the growth dynamics of the smartwatch industry; Uncover the development trends of smart watches in healthcare applications while examining the product strategies of top brands including Apple, Samsung and Google.

Companies mentioned

  • Apple

  • To encircle

  • Dexcom

  • Fitbit

  • Garmin

  • Google

  • Oppo

  • Pebble

  • Puma

  • Samsung

  • Scripps

  • Sony

  • Stanford Medicine

  • Suunto

  • Vivify

List of topics

  • Development of the smart watch market and includes the forecast of global smart watch shipping volume forecast for the period 2021-2025, affecting the smart watch market and brand positioning

  • Trends in smartwatches used in healthcare applications, from biometric monitoring to specialized medical use, including five main functions of smartwatches in healthcare

  • Product strategies from Apple, Samsung and Google, addressing their primary focus and the next phase of development for smartwatches

Main topics covered:

1. Market analysis of smart watches

1.1 Market positioning: target healthcare / sports / children to complement the services provided by smartphones

1.2 Global shipments: 138.7 million units by 2025

1.2.1 Growing Healthcare Awareness, Diversified Applications, and Falling Prices are Driving Market Growth

1.3 Trademarks; Market share: Apple as a market leader and unipolar superpower in a multipolar market

2. Trends in smart watches for healthcare applications

2.1 From biometric surveillance to specialized medical use

2.1.1 Heart rate and blood oxygen: detects changes in blood volume and concentration with PPG; Heart rate monitoring is mature due to early adoption

2.1.2 Heart rate: collects ECG signals and draws ECGs using electroshock; Develop an AI capable of interpreting various waveforms

2.1.3 Pulse / blood pressure: estimated from ECG and PPG signals; Some smartwatches have been certified as medical products

2.1.4 Stress and sleep: analyzes the activation of nervous systems via HRV; Major vendors are trying to improve accuracy by detecting sweat secretion

2.1.5 Blood Glucose: Non-invasive blood glucose measurement as a leading smart watch supplier; Next focus

2.1.6 Summary

3. Product strategies of three major brands

3.1 Apple: Improves measurement functions and creates a data sharing ecosystem to increase user loyalty

3.1.1 Next phase: blood pressure measurement and longer battery life

3.1.2 Moving from integration to sharing health data

3.2 Samsung: Developing Emerging Biometric Applications and Increasing the Medical Use of Smartwatches

3.3 Google: Uses smartwatches to facilitate medical research and aggressively expands Wear OS market share

4. Point of view

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