Medicine prescription

Educate patients on medication instructions

I often hear patients asking, “Why am I taking this medicine?” Whether it’s a drug prescribed by a primary care physician, specialist, or emergency medicine provider, this question should be answered and understood by all patients. Prescription labels for medications taken as needed usually include the indication for use, but …

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NMS boss advises health workers on better drug prescribing and purchasing to avoid shortages

National Medical Stores (NMS) General Manager Moses Kamabare attributed the shortage of basic drugs in public hospitals to non-standardized prescription of drugs by some health workers and poor procurement planning by the hospital administration. Kamabare said some health workers do not follow standard clinical guidelines for prescribing drugs, causing an …

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Treat the cause, not the symptom

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent call for mandatory prescription of generic drugs by physicians to lower the cost of healthcare, and the likely law surrounding it, is the culmination of three decades of efforts to provide affordable health care for the poor. Doctors in public hospitals are mandated to prescribe …

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