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The most wonderful time of the year is upon us, although some of us might have a not-so-wonderful time looking for unique gifts for our loved ones. For anyone short on cool gift ideas, we’ve got you covered with our list of Hong Kong brands with locally made products.

Local candle store The Wax Can made this unique Hong Kong themed scented candle called Tuen Mun Pier. Photo: Wax can

Tired of all the unoriginal scents that seem to be in every candle store in town? Well say goodbye to lavender, pumpkin spice and vanilla. Local candle shop Wax can is on a mission to capture the authentic smells of Hong Kong – from their Tuen Mun Pier candle to stranger ones like Dad’s Smelly Sock. But be careful of their foul smells, as they could be better as prank gifts.

Other popular candles from the brand include School Picnic in Fall and Rainy Camping Day. Some might wake up nostalgia – Vintage Lift and Classic Barber Shop. The store also released two Christmas-themed candles – Santa’s Snack and Santa’s Sock.

Jewelry from OYTY Studio

The designers of OYTY Studio use the city pennies to create unique accessories. Photo: OYTY Studio

While the 20 cent coins seem worthless today, two local designers, Oscar Yeung and Tim Yeung, transform them into bracelets, necklaces, rings and even watches.

Oscar got the idea thanks to his lucky cat piggy bank. His family collected all kinds of coins, and he decided to put them to good use by turning them into artistic trinkets. You can also choose the coin year for your coin.

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Camel Vacuum Flask

Camel’s insulated flask is specially designed to process your hot tea, coffee and Chinese medicines. Photo: camel

Founded in 1940, camel is arguably the city’s most iconic insulated bottle brand. Its appeal is not only its distinctive design, but also its functionality.

Instead of using stainless steel, Camel uses glass to build the interior of its vials. This way, you don’t have to worry about the potential for metal leaching into your tea, coffee, or Chinese medicine. Its new collection includes a variety of winter colors.

Cantonese slang t-shirts and accessories from Fool of a Kind

Hong Kong people love their Cantonese slang, so how about t-shirts that incorporate the city’s phenomenal lingo?

Founded by a group of Cantonese slang enthusiasts, Crazy of a kind does a fantastic job translating Cantonese culture into a collection of visually stunning T-shirts and other goodies. The brand uses handwritten typography and light graphics in a style that meets East and West.

“Eat Screws” and other Cantonese slang about entertainment

Dragon’s Delusion phone cases

Dragon’s Delusion phone cases are unlike any other you will see elsewhere. Photo: Kong Kee

Your loved ones probably don’t need another Casetify phone case so we recommend these designed by a local artist, Kong kee, the creative mind behind the Hong Kong cyberpunk animation project, The dragon illusion.

Using a striking color palette, these designs tell imaginative stories of historical figures like Qu Yuan and Qin Shi Huang as they take on new life in 1960s Hong Kong where cyborgs, robots and humans live together.

Skin Care from Factiv

If you are looking for functional yet affordable skin care products made in Hong Kong, Invoice is the brand for you. Known for its minimalist packaging and its motto “No fairy tales”, all its products are transparent with their ingredients. After all, its name is a combination of “done” and “effective”.

There is also a QR code on each product so customers can read the science behind it – the detailed effectiveness of each ingredient and the formulator’s notes explaining how the product works.

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Cards, Postcards and Prints by Alvin CK Lam

Not everyone wants (or needs) the latest gadget or the latest trending jewelry. Consider gifting a card instead, and you can fill it with affirmation words.

Local artist Alvin lam is known for creating hand-drawn illustrations of the city’s iconic neighborhoods, while also writing the stories of interesting locals, such as a mahjong game maker, bird cage craftsman, and chestnut vendor. His designs are available as postcards, greeting cards and prints.

It also has a collection of hand-drawn Christmas cards specially designed for this year. Some concepts include Gingerbread Men in Masks and Santa Getting a Covid Test.

Stationery, toys and more from Lion Rock Press

A two-sided puzzle – which side will you start with first? Photo: Lion Rock Press

the family business specializes in Hong Kong themed gifts, stationery and games. It offers everything from unique wooden toys to puzzles, hiking gear, eco-friendly products, personalized souvenirs and more.

Tiny Island candles, cards, napkins and more

Looking for other Hong Kong themed candles, prints and cards? Small island, known for their hand-printed and aesthetically pleasing Hong Kong maps, also creates beautiful prints, cards, napkins and candles depicting the city’s bustling neighborhoods.

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